Strataglass - CVD Processing

Quality Assurance

Quality is a guideline that runs through all our operations. It influences how we work with our customers, how we select and maintain our equipment, and how we handle your order through processing. We care about getting your order right the first time and every time.

Microscope InspectionStrataglass is focused on getting the details right. Before your order is received, we discuss your requirements with you and generate a service plan. If we have questions during processing we contact you to make sure we resolve them correctly. After processing , we inspect your order and use calibrated measurement equipment to confirm that the application meets your specifications.

See a diagram of our standard order flow process

Strataglass maintains the following QA related manuals and procedures:

At the time of order, our system creates a customized traveler document which is used to record all order activity, personnel, machine parameters, exceptions, and final results as the order is processed. This document is retained in hardcopy for a minimum of 5 years from the date of performance.

A summary of the process conditions and comparisons of their actual values to target values is entered into our PCF (Production Control File) and is available online to technical staff to research run conditions, machine performance, and technical trending.

Each customer order is shipped with a summary CFC confirming that the order meets the guaranteed parameters documented in the specification document..