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Cash RewardsStrataglass Sales Alliance (SSA)

The Strataglass Sales Alliance is a referral program designed to build sales through rewards for independednt referrals.

If you are a potential sales partner, value added reseller, or research partner, please contact us to learn more about the benefits of participation provided by the SSA program.

Earn Rewards

Alliance members can receive up to 15% of all business done with a qualified referral (for a set timeframe) or receive an upfront bonus in cash. That's a lot of money for simply introducing a contact to Strataglass.

Track Your Rewards

SSA Online ToolOnce you are an Alliance member, you gain access to Strataglass' online referral management tool. This tool allows you to manage your refferals and track your rewards. With the referral management tool, you can:

  • Make a new referral online
  • Track the activity and payments for your referrals
  • Review and manage your cash rewards