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Strataglass provides services to companies engaged at different levels of the semiconductor production process.

Reasearch and Development

Our technical staff at Strataglass is focused on assisting you in developing innovative process solutions. We can help you select standard films for your applications, or develop custom films to meet specific needs.

Whether your project is aimed at developing a production ready process or is a one-time research project, we can help. We have assisted a number of clients constrained by such parameters as: temperature, film stress, and target shape. Contact us to review your application requirements.

Pilot Production and Outsourced Fabrication

Starting up production or chaining devices through a series of fabricators requires rigorous precision. Often parameters are being optimized from run to run. To meet this need, Strataglass has built a production system modeled on object theory. The technique relies on solid and proven procedures and systems, yet is flexible enough to allow for unlimited customization of the workflow to meet your requirements.

Specialized handling, processing, and QA instructions can be integrated into the workflow documentation stored in our database. Changes you request take effect immediately. At runtime, the workflow traveler is generated in real time, incorporating the latest instructions.

Full Production

The major component of our business is production foundry service: volume application of thin films to your specification.

We offer full production capability of standard and non-standard films on a variety of substrates. Strataglass maintains equipment to handle large production volumes in a state-of-the-art cleanroom environment.

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